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Mr. Wong Chee Kong

Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Wong Chee Kong, founder of KMK Rubber Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., is an expert in the industry and technology of rubber bonded to metal products in the industrial equipment market. He is widely recognized in the rubber manufacturing industry both domestically and internationally, and has had more than 40 years of experience in the manufacturing processes, as well as in providing engineering solutions for moulding and tooling designs.

He is both a technical leader and a spiritual leader, who led our company to today’s success through his valuable management skills, vision and a devotion to excellence.

Mr. Wong is also known by his peers as Mr. Rubber Wong due to his immense knowledge and vast contribution to the rubber manufacturing industry.

Dr. Alias Othman

Advisor on Research and Development (R&D) and Quality Management
Dr. Alias is an expert in Polymer Science and Technology. His academic qualifications includes:

BSc (Hons) Polymer Science, & Technology (London)
MSc in Polymer Engineering (Imperal College)
PHD Polymer Physics (Loughborough University)


Dr. Alias possesses over 38 years of experience within the Research and Development space in the industry of rubber science, polymer testing and quality management system.

He involved in the implementation of ISO-17025 quality system with the Malaysian Rubber Board since 1987, as well as being a subject matter expert for the uncertainty of measurements in mechanical testing. On top of that, he also contributed to the introduction of the Quality Management System (ISO-9001) in Malaysia, and was instrumental for the Malaysian Rubber Board’s certification of ISO-9001 in 2008.

Dr. Alias is currently assisting KMK on product design and implementation of ISO-17025.