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KMK Rubber Pad: Bolt-On Type

Classic track pad design with 2 or 4 bolts at the bottom. It is the most secure way to lock a pad onto your track shoes. Suitable for all track shoes with bolt holes on both sides.


KMK Rubber Pad: Hook Type

Hooks on one side, and bolts on the other. This design enables faster installation process, whilst retaining the use of bolts to ensure the pad's ability to stay secured to your track shoes.


KMK Rubber Pad: Chain-On Type

A rubber track pad that is specially designed with a strong inner metal plate; the metal plate is treated and engineered for strength, then fortified with KMK’s expertly compounded rubber. It is designed to replace the need for track shoes in undercarriage parts.


KMK Rubber Pad: Clip-On with Hook Type

Engineered and designed for track shoe that doesn't have bolt holes; the hooks allow for quick installation, whilst the specially designed clip secures the pad onto track shoes, thus providing a solution for track shoes without bolt holes. This pad is favored for its easy installation, and may also be chosen for track shoes that have bolt holes.


Customized Solutions

We are capable of designing and engineering customized solutions for any moulded rubber design or rubber bonded to metal products. Our experience range from industrial to infrastructure designs, and we pride ourselves for being a leader in the industry, and leverage on our vast experience and knowledge to provide the most flexible and sustainable manufacturing solutions according to our clients' specific needs.